Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Super Dooper Cutting Mat

I've been using 2 mats, small and smaller on my table, and not without frustration. My husband saw my troubles and told me to get a cutting mat to fit. I only found one place that had 2 foot by 4 foot mats Cutting Mats.net and so I put in an order last week. They are fairly expensive, but as soon as the box arrived today and I picked it up I knew it wasn't your usual cutting mat. The first picture is so you can see that it is very thick, I would estimate about 1/4 inch., the second picture is of the cutting mat on my table, I think it will be just fine when it learns to lay flat. I requested grids, and the third picture shows the grids. I didn't understand that they are a separate piece, but I think that it won't matter. It is either laminated poster board or plastic, not sure which.

This is a picture of my dirty little corner of the world. Underneath my 2 x 4 metal folding table are the risers that my brother made me to make it a less back breaking height. The boxes are files and the bucket is full of cherry pits waiting for me to make cherry pit bags, and then the step stool and wastebasket. My little folding table is leaning against my sewing machine cabinet, and the cabinet on the left is storing assorted stuff, and holds my TV. The last picture is my ironing setup. I just covered a wooden shelf about 14" by 4 feet from Ikea, and I take it on and off when needed. In back is my design board (an approximate 5 foot by 5 foot flannel), which like my ironing-cutting table is not full sized, but mostly does the job. Having an efficient sewing space is an ongoing project.
PS The little electric Drill-Driver stays there all the time, it occasionally comes in handy around the house, but is specifically for the hoops to my embroidery machine. My favorite embroidery tool of all time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last of the Pillowcases

Now to wash, press and mail.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ConKerr Children's Pillowcases Half Done

Six down, six to go. I emailed the lady in charge this morning, and she said that some of the facilities require the pillowcases to be laundered in 1 cup of white vinegar, pressed, and placed in quart ziploc bags, so I need to go to the store and get white vinegar and ziplocs. I enjoy sewing on fabrics that I like more than those I'm not crazy about, and since I tend more toward florals and such, I was happy to finish these, the space ones especially. I like teddy bears, but I'm not so much a lover of green. The last half have some pink girly fabrics for 3 of them, so I'll save them for last, lol. The important thing isn't that I like them though, but that the kids do, and hopefully they will.
I haven't been out today, but yesterday was very exciting (as you can see, my life doesn't have an excess of excitement) as there were robins all over our yard and in the trees. We have had a cold winter for us, and it is nice to see signs of spring. As you can tell by the tree, it's still pretty winter looking around here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pillowcase Progress

We've had some other things going on too, so not a lot of progress, but I did finish the fleece blanket, flannel travel pillowcase, and flannel full sized pillowcase for my brother's 3 year old grandbabies birthday, and 2 rubber ducky pillowcase thank you gifts. That will be my one and only flannel hot dog style pillowcase, as the flannel bun doesn't want to give up it's flannel hot dog, and the french seam by the trim is so thick that even my Bernina had a hard time. I had to change the needle in route, as half way through, it was very bent. I had just changed my needle too, isn't that always the way.
Now on to the 12 pillowcases for the children's hospital. They are all cut out, and the trims are pressed and stitched on, so it won't be too big of a project.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Visitors for Dinner

Last evening my grandson and his wife and baby visited for dinner and to watch the Magic (basketball) on tv. It was a fun visit, we enjoyed them very much, they are such a loving family, and even though they are in the midst of finding employment, are so positive about the whole situation. Little MacKenzie is almost two months now, isn't she a cutie, and such a good baby, too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pillowcase Shopping Spree

I read a few years ago about the "ConKerr Cancer
Pillowcases 4 Smiles" program and have been meaning to make pillowcases for them. By the time that I finished making them for family, I was usually burned out (usually about 25). I decided that this is the time, so DH and I went to JoAnn's yesterday to check on fabric, and luckily the Debbie Munns fabrics were all half price. The first four pictures are what we bought for the pillowcases, and I hope to get 12 from the fabrics we purchased.

Neutrals seem to always be in short supply in my sewing room and I'm going to need quite a few for my leaders and enders project, so I picked up a few while I was there.

While on the way, I called my brother on the phone to say hi, and he was birthday shopping with his daughter for one of his grandkids. The grandchild is a little guy, and wanted some fire trucks for his birthday so I was requested to check on fabrics for him a pillowcase, too. Fire trucks were rather short in supply at JoAnn's, but DH found some flannel and I found some flannels that don't really match, but don't scream too loudly, to make the 3 fabrics needed. When I called to report, they had another idea, that he would like a blanket too, so we couldn't find trucks, but we did find Dalmatians and fire hydrants, so hopefully, the little guy will be happy.
I bought rubber ducky fabrics about a year ago to make pillowcases for a thank you present, and hadn't made them yet (I did purchase another gift also), so I guess that I will probably end up with about 15 pillowcases this time. That's a lot less than 25.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

oh, Fransson Paintbox Quilt Along Week 10 and Leaders and Enders

I ended up with 41 and 1/2 blocks from my 2 1/2 inch squares. Next step on my leaders and enders is making approximately 328 HST's. Also, I'll be needing to cut up lots of 2 1/2 inch lights for the blocks for my Chiclets quilt.

Yeah! No more photos of Paintbox blocks, I have my 80, plus 4 extras. Now I just need to wait for the 10 weeks to be up. It's really only week 5. Whoever would have thought I'd be ahead, lol. Not me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

oh, Fransson Paintbox Quilt Along Week 9 and Leaders and Enders

My leaders and enders are moving along, I have a nice little basket full of 4 patches now. I got my Leaders and Enders book from Bonnie Hunter, and there are some very pretty quilts there, but I think that my use for them will be a Chiclets Quilt. I've liked the looks of them for a long time, and this seems like a good project. The free pdf is right here and it is for a small one, but I think that I will probably have enough for 1 or maybe even 2 lap quilts. I guess my next leaders and enders will be HST's.

Below, are blocks 67 through 74 of my paintbox blocks, and then I have the last 10 blocks cut out and ready to go. Since I am several weeks ahead, then I need to concentrate on my new great granddaughters monkey quilt, or my Iowa (Carolina) Christmas.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 BOM BY AMY - Block 1,2,3 February

I think I'm more of a Yellow Brick Road type quilter than one who is used to being challenged, but Amy is changing that.
I enjoyed making these blocks, but I'm glad that it is one of each a month, I'm not craving to make a whole quilt out of any one of them yet, lol.
If Amy felt bad about having to do some ripping on the Florida block, she now has company, I ripped and ripped. I wasn't smart enough to try one before doing all four. I didn't learn my lesson the "first" time either.

100th Post Giveaways on BedofRosesMQ and oh, Fransson Paintbox Quilt Along Week 8

Anita is giving away some great prizes on her blog BedofRosesMQ
and you've still got until Sunday, February 7th to sign up. If I don't win, I hope that you do. There are 3 prizes, so the chances to win are better than usual.

Another giveaway, but you have to hurry, it ends today, is on Bella Vista
I just discovered this wonderful blog of Barb's today, and will be adding it to my google reader. No wonder I am always behind, I can't resist all the wonderful blogs. Sorry, my heads up was too late, the winner is already posted, but it is such a beautiful blog that I hope you still visit and ooh and aah.
These are blocks 59 through 66 of my Paintbox blocks for the oh, Fransson quiltalong, you're probably tired of seeing them. I'm working on my February blocks for Amy's 2010 BOM now, two down and one to go, then back to the last 18 of my paintbox blocks. Yes, there is an end in sight.