Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Super Dooper Cutting Mat

I've been using 2 mats, small and smaller on my table, and not without frustration. My husband saw my troubles and told me to get a cutting mat to fit. I only found one place that had 2 foot by 4 foot mats Cutting Mats.net and so I put in an order last week. They are fairly expensive, but as soon as the box arrived today and I picked it up I knew it wasn't your usual cutting mat. The first picture is so you can see that it is very thick, I would estimate about 1/4 inch., the second picture is of the cutting mat on my table, I think it will be just fine when it learns to lay flat. I requested grids, and the third picture shows the grids. I didn't understand that they are a separate piece, but I think that it won't matter. It is either laminated poster board or plastic, not sure which.

This is a picture of my dirty little corner of the world. Underneath my 2 x 4 metal folding table are the risers that my brother made me to make it a less back breaking height. The boxes are files and the bucket is full of cherry pits waiting for me to make cherry pit bags, and then the step stool and wastebasket. My little folding table is leaning against my sewing machine cabinet, and the cabinet on the left is storing assorted stuff, and holds my TV. The last picture is my ironing setup. I just covered a wooden shelf about 14" by 4 feet from Ikea, and I take it on and off when needed. In back is my design board (an approximate 5 foot by 5 foot flannel), which like my ironing-cutting table is not full sized, but mostly does the job. Having an efficient sewing space is an ongoing project.
PS The little electric Drill-Driver stays there all the time, it occasionally comes in handy around the house, but is specifically for the hoops to my embroidery machine. My favorite embroidery tool of all time.


Nichole said...

that looks like an awesome cutting mat! now do you have an extra long ruler? i have a 24"x36" mat and find that i am confined to cutting on the 24" side since my ruler is only 24" long. i'd love to get a longer one.

Karen said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :)
Love your cutting mat; so big! And those table risers are great. I have an old table that my grandfather made from a door so it's really big; perfect to cut patterns on. But it's too low. I'll have to see if my husband could do something like that; great idea!