Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ConKerr Children's Pillowcases Half Done

Six down, six to go. I emailed the lady in charge this morning, and she said that some of the facilities require the pillowcases to be laundered in 1 cup of white vinegar, pressed, and placed in quart ziploc bags, so I need to go to the store and get white vinegar and ziplocs. I enjoy sewing on fabrics that I like more than those I'm not crazy about, and since I tend more toward florals and such, I was happy to finish these, the space ones especially. I like teddy bears, but I'm not so much a lover of green. The last half have some pink girly fabrics for 3 of them, so I'll save them for last, lol. The important thing isn't that I like them though, but that the kids do, and hopefully they will.
I haven't been out today, but yesterday was very exciting (as you can see, my life doesn't have an excess of excitement) as there were robins all over our yard and in the trees. We have had a cold winter for us, and it is nice to see signs of spring. As you can tell by the tree, it's still pretty winter looking around here.

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