Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pillowcase Shopping Spree

I read a few years ago about the "ConKerr Cancer
Pillowcases 4 Smiles" program and have been meaning to make pillowcases for them. By the time that I finished making them for family, I was usually burned out (usually about 25). I decided that this is the time, so DH and I went to JoAnn's yesterday to check on fabric, and luckily the Debbie Munns fabrics were all half price. The first four pictures are what we bought for the pillowcases, and I hope to get 12 from the fabrics we purchased.

Neutrals seem to always be in short supply in my sewing room and I'm going to need quite a few for my leaders and enders project, so I picked up a few while I was there.

While on the way, I called my brother on the phone to say hi, and he was birthday shopping with his daughter for one of his grandkids. The grandchild is a little guy, and wanted some fire trucks for his birthday so I was requested to check on fabrics for him a pillowcase, too. Fire trucks were rather short in supply at JoAnn's, but DH found some flannel and I found some flannels that don't really match, but don't scream too loudly, to make the 3 fabrics needed. When I called to report, they had another idea, that he would like a blanket too, so we couldn't find trucks, but we did find Dalmatians and fire hydrants, so hopefully, the little guy will be happy.
I bought rubber ducky fabrics about a year ago to make pillowcases for a thank you present, and hadn't made them yet (I did purchase another gift also), so I guess that I will probably end up with about 15 pillowcases this time. That's a lot less than 25.


Amanda said...

Wow, that's a lot of pillowcases to make; I like the fabric you've chosen a lot, they will certainly make children smile.

Margo in Maine said...

Our group did a bunch of them for the same was so wonderful...we have what we call the 'hot diggity dog' method and then french seams...they make up fast and love choosing the different designs...