Friday, March 23, 2018

Stuck in a rut, or just avoiding the big starts?

I thought I'd skip the March mini from SewCanShe as I don't really like applique all that much.  I decided to do one of my desired quilts, which is a house quilt, and guess what, there ended up being a good bit of applique.  I started out with Missouri Star Quilt Companies mini house quilt, which was a take off on their full sized "Won't You Be My Neighbor" quilt.  I should have watched both videos, I messed it up from the start and decided that mine should be called "Crooked Houses in a Butterfly Garden".
And, the minis I've done so far this year, at least at the time.
I decided that I needed new trash bags for the car, as the ones I made a few years ago are very sun faded.  This is from a tutorial on SewCanShe's blog.  The Back.

The front.  I made a few changes, and this is one.  My husband has allergies and uses a lot of tissues, so I wanted a removable trash so that  emtying it is easier.

I also wanted it to hang from the glove box, not the gear shift.  It stays in due to buttons sewn to the ends of the little straps.
Then I decided that I wanted something a little girlier, since even though my husband uses the Diddy Bag most, it's technically my car.
And, then I decided that since I forgot the interfacing on the previous trash insert, I'd do another with interfacing.
Another  mini that I wanted to do is the "Spool" mini.  I used the same charm pack as I used for the houses, and I started off with Kea Bee's Tutorial, which was from  Since I didn't have the actual pattern, I had to wing it a bit, and hers is 14 x 16, mine ended up about 16 x 18.5
My finished mini spool quilt.  I'll be sharing these on SewCanShe's Show off Saturday
And, I almost forgot to mention what I used the first Diddy Bag for.  I added button holes and hung it next to my cutting table, now I have a little bag for scraps and extra space for a few tools.  So far, I'm liking it there.

Also, I'm very excited.  My grandson is hanging this for me tomorrow in my dark, dark, sewing cave (if my order for the hanging parts comes from Amazon tomorrow).  Maybe, I won't have to use a flashlight anymore to try to find fabric in my dark wood cabinet.  It's not the prettiest light, and I do sew in what would normally be our living room (I use the family room for our living room), but I hope with the pretty hooks I ordered and the decorative pull that it won't be an actual eyesore.


Frédérique said...

I love your Diddy Bag for the car, very clever way to hang it, and so useful! Led lights are great to see well, you will rediscover your stash in that cabinet!

quiltingbydawn said...

Cute spool quilt! I made a mini spool quilt last year for the Rainbow Scrap challenge! A fun quilt perfect for a quilter!

Soma @ said...

Nice trash bag for the car. What a sweet collection of minis, your house mini is a great addition.


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