Saturday, March 17, 2018

Glasses and Strings

The last first.  Sometimes blogger just won't cooperate.  Somewhere along the line, I also decided that they were roomy enough that upside down the glasses might spill out, so I added snaps to all the cases.
My daughter suggested that I make some glass cases so I googled and looked at lots of tutorials on YouTube, and decided to do Crafty Gemini's.  This was the originals, done pretty much exactly by the tutorial.
Then, she suggested a little pocket for glass cleaning supplies, such as cloth wipes.
Then I realized that I had made the little tabs that Crafty Gemini had suggested, but had forgotten to use them.  Today, I made 2 more and decided that the cases are really roomy enough for 2 pair of glasses.  I made a little divider and tried it with my regular glasses and my sunglasses  they fit just fine.  I also decided that my card wallets needed something to hold the cards in, as I found 2 of my cards in the bottom of my purse.  At the top, I added a button and a hair elastic, it's working great.
I finished my string quilt, I decided on 4 x 6, 24 blocks.  It's fairly small, about crib quilt size, but it's just fine for the back of my recliner.

It's cozy, but not hot, fleece and no batting.  I figured the front is wild and crazy, so why not the backing, too.   I'm including this in SewCanShe's  Show off Saturday if you'd like to visit and see all the projects.

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