Thursday, September 27, 2012

Growth is Painful, Really Painful, LOL

I think that I'm just a piecer, the fancier things, not so much.  I'm sure that my tree started out straight, but I managed to make it tipsy.  

I know now I won't be part of the hexi craze in blogland.

My first 4 months of the Craftsy BOM.  I think I must have read the color wheel wrong.  Not liking purple, green and orange so much.   Oh well, we live and we learn.  Good thing I'm doing this with Amanda, or it might go in a box for 'later'.


Amanda said...

Well, I think your wonky tree addition is charming, and completely original and I think adding the hexagon strip to a nine patch looks great. I think the purple, orange and green will look very striking when it's finished, and you can always calm it down a bit with softer sashing and borders. Or choose softer varieties of the same colours for the next few blocks, or add in some softer tones. Don't give up.

Dedra C said...

The bottom right hand one reminds me of a tic tac toe board. I also love hexagons.

Lori said...

A beautiful forest does not have perfect trees--so your tree is beautiful!

Anne Simonot said...

Oh God, I'm glad someone else out there is NOT part of the hexi craze! I couldn't care less if I ever made one -- there are much more fun things to be working on!