Friday, July 6, 2012

After Quite Awhile, More Pillowcases

Not very good lighting on my pillowcases, the one on the right is very washed out.  The backdrop is my Scrappy Lattice that I basted yesterday and the pillowcases I made today.  They are for my niece's little girls, the ones who are getting new quilts when we see them later this month.

PS.  Here are a couple of good tutorials for the pillowcases.  I didn't do the band trim and I also topstitch the cuff after I sew it on to the body of the case.  I don't like little gobs of fraying material lumping up inside, so I encase it in stitching.  You can see the topstitching on the first two cases since I was too lazy to change my thread and did it in gray.


Amanda said...

I love the idea of making pillowcases. Do they match the quilts you made for them?

Linda Lee said...

Love the fabrics...Little girls will love them...Is there a pattern on line for the cases?