Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Putting Things Together

My company left Sunday and so I've begun putting together my Borgasmord.  I have 5 of the 8 rows assembled and in person it looked more chaotic, I was afraid that if anyone asked I'd have to point out stars, but in the picture I can see the stars more readily, I like how pictures can give you more prospective on things. 

I'm starting to hope believe that scrappy delight could win out over mishmash nightmare in the finished product.

My niece and I made our trip to Ikea while she was here.  She hadn't been before and of course neither had her kids, but they all loved it.  While we did the upper floor the three girls stayed in the children's center, then we got them out, had a delicious lunch and did the bottom floor.  The kids wanted to return to the children's center, but it was too crowded and they had lost their spot.   I got this chair, some seat cushions, a bit of fabric and a couple of other small items.  My niece and the kids all got some goodies, too.  I put this chair together myself, I was pleased with the chair and with myself.   My DH has had more issues than usual the past few months and so I'm having to do things that he would have done in the past.  I could have asked one of my grandsons or waited for a visit from my brothers, but I decided that "I am woman".   Now it is on to replacing a shower head and a toilet seat and I know that I can do it, lol.
PS  I even sat in it to sew together my Borgasmord and it didn't fall down.


scraphappy said...

Way to go on getting your new chair put together! I firmly believe that we are all capable of rising to many challenges. Your quilt is looking great too. Looks like it is getting close.

Amanda said...

I've always found that Ikea things go together well, and like to try doing it myself whenever possible, though I usually get Christopher to come and give a final tightening to any screws. The chair looks great - you'll be getting your own tool box next!

Ellen said...

Your quilt top is coming along quite nicely. I am in the same situation as you with my husband facing some health challenges and just not able to do all the things he used to. Many things have fallen to me to take care of now. Good for you for taking on the challenge so successfully - it is empowering isn't it!