Saturday, December 31, 2011

Step 7 Complete and the Mystery Soon to be Revealed

Step 7 is complete can't wait for step 8 and the answer to the mystery.  Thank you to Bonnie for giving it to us early.  This is rather orange overload, as it is laying on my Orange Crush. 

I was thinking as I was stacking up all the parts that that is half the fun.  It is so rewarding to stack up all the little piles that we have worked on so diligently and to anticipate the beautiful quilt that we will have.  (Those who went with Bonnie's colors are assured of a beautiful quilt, mine is a little bit in question at this point, lol.)


Amanda said...

I think that your quilt is going to be such fun and very colourful. Thank you for your Christmas card, and best wishes to you and Ernie for 2012.

Jan Maree said...

I am loving your colours! and I am sure you will once it is all together!

Quilter Kathy said...

I am lagging a bit behind but do hope to catch up to you tomorrow!