Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slower Start to Step 4 Orca Bay

Due to spending a great deal to time yesterday with my mind going back and forth about my fourth color (I like that, forth and fourth, lol) I am getting a slower start to step 4.  I spent this morning cutting my paper (coloring book from the dollar store) and my strips.  Yesterday, when I was at Target I saw these cute little containers in their dollar section.  I bought 5, but only needed 4 for this, one for 1", one for 1 1/4", one for 1 1/2", and one for 2" strips.   There are a heap of fabrics in there, I hope enough, but if not I'll just cut more.  I realized that these are the exact same colors that I am doing for the strings in my RRCB #2, so if there are too many, no matter, they'll just go in the RRCB (Roll Roll Cotton Boll, Bonnie's mystery from last year) stack.  I'm ready with my extra wound bobbins, my glue stick (a hint from the last batch of strings) and my trusty little wallpaper tool that makes a great iron in between pressings with the real iron.  I'm trying to hold off on the other hint from the last strings, to cut the strips into bite sized sections, as the RRCB strings are larger and I'm hoping to share.   Next step, give the sewing machine a cleaning and oiling, it needs it, and then on to the actual sewing.   After all, I have to get some sewn, as like a child, I have to be ready for Bonnie's Linky on Monday.   I think we were already like children with anticipation for the mysteries each year, and Linky has added another dimension to our childlike enjoyment.  I think that's a good thing.  


Linda said...

I am working on my string blocks today. The Linky spurs me on to finish by Monday too! Have fun.

Jan Maree said...

good luck and happy stitching!

Ellen said...

You certainly have all your ducks in order!