Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flu and Misc.

We had planned the dinner for my DD and her new husband, but it wasn't to be at this time. The day they left for their honeymoon the flu started and then we were dropping like flies. DH and I had flu shots, thank goodness, as it was still very miserable and had hold of us for several days although the first day was the worst. We try not to go around where there is illness, but the baby (13 months) had it, and we were happy to help with her. Poor little thing, she had it the worst and the longest, even to the point of an emergency room visit, but she is doing well now, too.
I did manage to finally get Tina and Michelle's quilts basted after starting to feel better. Tina's was finished this morning. Now on to prep my machine and myself for the free motion quilting. I do enjoy it even if I am rather challenged, lol.

I was very excited to win Kathy's giveaway from Kathy's Quilts. I had admired her Ho Ho Ho quilt and wallhanging and now I have one all cut out and even partially sewn and ready to go, and she did the work for me, lol. I had made a pumpkin table topper for fall and then gave it to the lady who has cut my hair for the past 4 years, and so I hope to get another table topper and my Ho Ho Ho wall hanging done in the near future to be ready for next year's fall and Christmas seasons. Isn't the Ho Ho Ho ornament that she sent with it adorable. There was also chocolate candy, but even sick we managed to finish that off.


Quilter Kathy said...

I'm so glad it arrived safe and sound! It will be a quick project to finish up! Glad you're all feeling better there. I often wondered if people in warm climates get the flu...thought it might be a benefit of living in a freezing cold climate.

quiltmom anna said...

How nice that you won this giveaway Candace. It is lovely when it is a prize that will be enjoyed and is desired by the person who wins it.
Glad to hear you are recovering from the flu. It does not sound like it was much fun for anyone who had the misfortune to get it.
Happy quilting.

Michele said...

Glad you all are recovering :) Congratulations on your win!

Linda said...

Oh, sorry you've been sick but glad you are all on the mend. Congrats on the great win. I loved that little Ho, Ho, Ho quilt too. Please show us when it's finished.

Micki said...

Hope you are better and great about winning the giveaway!