Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Next Up

Next project is to make this stack go away. The two rolls of fleece have been in my closet for a couple of years, another portion since July 11 of this year, and the light blue and patterned fleece on the bottom since about an hour ago. We just got back from Joann's and I got those, a spool of Coats and Clark's machine quilting thread to try, and some dye catchers (boy was it hard to find those, and at the end there they were the first place I looked and where I thought they would be, I just missed them). The blue in the middle is for my great niece on my Jacksonville brother's side, the last 4 quilts I sent off were for my Brunswick brother's grandchildren, my great niece's and nephews. I plan to make her a fleece blanket, flannel pillowcase and flannel tote, the print on the bottom is for her mama, my niece, their birthdays are 1 day apart. Horses are what my niece loves, and the only fleece I found with horses is more western with horses, cattle, spurs, etc. I hope she likes it. My brother bought the fabrics and I'm supplying the labor.
We have become friends with the owner of the Chinese restaurant where we eat lunch sometimes, and I am making her 2 daughters 7 and 5, and her niece 5, fleece blankets and cotton pillowcases. I have some cute fabric with Oriental girls (see on the left of the picture) and will machine embroidery their names and some cute Oriental girls on the fleece. all of the fleece blankets will be bound just like quilts with the double fold binding. Now I just need to get cracking and make them, lol.


Amy said...

**pant, pant**
That post and To-Do list made me winded!!!! Good luck on all your tasks!!!!!!!

Nanette said...

It sounds like you have a lot to do! I just got back from JoAnn's too. Hobby Lobby had their Simplicity patterns for 99 cents (up to 10) and I had to get 10 ha. Some of the patterns were normally over $13.00. Now all I need is the material to go with them!

Anita said...

I'm with Amy you have some serious goals and I wish you luck. I'm sure they will be done in no time and I'm looking forward to the pictures you'll post.

Linda Lee said...

Wow! You have your August planned out--and more!! I am anxious to watch these projects stacked up like your last post!

On another note. Did you daughter and family have a good time on their trip with the bags you sewed together?