Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pillowcase Progress

We've had some other things going on too, so not a lot of progress, but I did finish the fleece blanket, flannel travel pillowcase, and flannel full sized pillowcase for my brother's 3 year old grandbabies birthday, and 2 rubber ducky pillowcase thank you gifts. That will be my one and only flannel hot dog style pillowcase, as the flannel bun doesn't want to give up it's flannel hot dog, and the french seam by the trim is so thick that even my Bernina had a hard time. I had to change the needle in route, as half way through, it was very bent. I had just changed my needle too, isn't that always the way.
Now on to the 12 pillowcases for the children's hospital. They are all cut out, and the trims are pressed and stitched on, so it won't be too big of a project.

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Susan said...

That seems like a lot to me when you add in the other day to day things that must be done