Wednesday, June 19, 2019

More Misc. - Hodge Podge of photos

My  first #10 Caddy's from Sewcanshe's pattern.

I gave them to my daughter and she put them in her bathroom.

My second set I gave to my granddaughter-in-law.  Her plans were to use one in her car and one in her bathroom, I believe.
They go over tin cans, I painted mine.

Thirdly, mine.

I'm using mine in my sewing room, 1 for glasses, and the other for remote controls and glasses.  I never can find my reading glasses, so I have lots of them.

My stubborn little toy Australian Shepherd.

She is adorable though.

My problem sewing room in the living room.  New bookcases that I'm trying to use as dividers from the entrance from the foyer.

The back view of the bookcases from my sewing room.  It's an ongoing struggle to try to make it presentable and functional.

The bed I made for our little princess.  It's velcroed to the Lifetime table and the height of our bed.  

A Diddy Bag for one of my grandsons.  Another pattern from Sewcanshe.

A Necessary Clutch Wallet (NCW) for me.  My husband is a huge Red Sox fan.

The inside view.

Not too surprisingly, he also is a Celtic and Patriot fan.  I have to make myself another Patriot NCW, I sold this one.

The outside view.

The three together.  Sorry, he's not a hockey fan.

I made drawstring backpacks for 3 of my great grandchildren , this is the smallest one, for the 2 year old.  It's a tutorial from Noodle-head.

His name is Oliver, and here it is drawn up, but the ties not tied yet.  The top fabric is some their Dad brought back from Africa.

And, for his big brother who is a fan of the super heroes.

His name is Maddox.

And one for big sister.

Her name is Mackenzie.

I made these not too long before Mother's Day, and I thought it was kind of interesting that their initials spelled MOM.

I made 2 more of the weekender bags from Deliacreates.  I gave this one to my daughter.

This one is mine.

And the original one I gave to my granddaughter for her birthday.

I made 2 of these, one for my daughter and one for my granddaughter-in-law.
it's from Virginia Lindsay's YouTube tutorial, "How to Sew a Roll Up Organizer".

This is some of the fabric that was given to me a month or so ago.

Another bee added to my collection.  As you can see, I have no painting talent, but I'll just think of them as sparkly and primitive.

I have gotten to be quite a Pokemon player, and while I was doing a raid, this pretty fellow came and stood beside me on the table.  It is photoshopped a little, but he really is this pretty.

One more picture to add to the Weekender bags.  They are huge.

Amy Smart of "Diary of a Quilter" shared this pattern.  I haven't finished yet, still have to baste and quilt, but I like it.  This is about  39 x 51.

In fact, I liked it enough that I decided I needed a smaller one, maybe for a wallhanging.  This one is about 20 x 26.  

Quite a bit smaller.  
Another quilt top that will need quilting soon.  From a free pattern, Wall of Color.  

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Long Time - Misc.

No particular order, these were actually made yesterday.  I used the instructions from a tutorial on YouTube, a british lady with a black dress or cardigan, and pretty jewelry.  I couldn't find it again when I was looking for it.

These were an order for a lady who is gifting to friends or family, who love sloths and/or armadillos.

This picture is a bit washed out, an order for busy bags, but I think for the lady in the family, not the kids.  She is an artist so I think they are either for her art of her makeup.

More of the fabric baskets, I finished these this morning. These are probably for me and my sewing room.  

A wedding present for a great niece.  4 placemats, a small table runner, and 4 of the fabric baskets.
Another busy bag for the same lady as the floral busy bags, but I think this one is for her child.

A close-up of the wedding gift placemats.

Just for fun, I dropped into Plaster Cottage and did a little bling for my wall.

The fronts of another set of placemats for the son of a nice lady who gave me a lot of fabric given to her by a quilter who moved out of state, and who is now deceased.

The back of the placemats.

Easter busy bags.

A table runner for me.

Comparison of the original size from the tutorial, which started out with 15 1/2" squares.  Some that I made bigger, starting out with 20 1/2" squares.

Empty Easter busy bags.

The top 2 shelves are the fabric given to me by the nice lady.  Washed and folded.  The messy shelf underneath is some of my scraps, sorted by color.

When you make the fabric baskets there are fairly large pieces that I couldn't see throwing away, already quilted and ready to go. I figured they can't be used for potholders, as there is only 1 layer of cotton batting, but they can be mug rugs, or hot pads.  Maybe the larger one, even used as a table topper somewhere.  Even though they are rather primative, I'll give the larger one to my great niece since it matches the fabric baskets.

This quilt top was in the fabric that was given to me, it was basted, but not quilted.  I went ahead and quilted it, and it will be given along with one set of the placemats to the son of the lady who gave me the fabric.  He also was just recently married. 

A simple baby quilt that I made recently from leftover fabrics and a fleece back, no batting.  It is very soft, but I'm not sure who I'll give it to yet.
Another tutorial from YouTube,  It is a very large bag, I added several extra pockets.  I can't remember who the tutorial was by.  

I've since added a firm bottom to it, so it has more structure.  I was going to share this on SewCanShe's Show Off Saturday, but so far no linky.  Her blog is still well worth a visit, though. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

More Mini Wall Quilts

Chickens for the kitchen wall , and a little blue quilt, too.  The cross stitch picture 
I made probably almost 30 years ago.  I collect little colored chicken salt cellars, 
they are in a little case to the left. 
And, in the living room more minis. I felt I needed something over 
the Thomas Kinkade picture, so I made the one in the picture this morning
A bit more clutter, and more busy, but they make me happy. 
I'm also adding this to Sewcanshe's Show off Saturday.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Three Minis

This one was my version of the tree that was on  I wanted to use Fairy Frost, and I just had short pieces.  I've made 3 mini's in the last few days.

I already blogged about this one, but I wanted to see the 3 together.

I made the first chicken quilt for one of my grandsons and his wife.  At the same time, 
I made 2 of each block so that I could make 1 for myself also.  

I'm also showing the 3 backs.  This is the second chicken quilt.  The fabric hides the quilting almost completely.

This is what you get when you use white in the bobbin on a red backing.  Also, it didn't help that my sewing machine needed cleaning and my feed dogs had quite a bit of lint gathered around them.

This is my favorite.  The quilting shows, but doesn't look so showing of each bad stitch.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Chicken Wallhanging

I have been busy with wallets, key fobs and busy bags and it was time for a change of pace. I have several quilts that I could be working on but....  last weekend I had the family over for dinner and my granddaughter-in-law who I thought didn’t like quilts very much was admiring my wall hangings (courtesy mostly of SewCanShe). She decorates in roosters, and she and my grandson have what they call their “C” wall.  This isn’t roosters, but it is poultry, and their “C wall is after their last name , so I hoped they’d like this. She saw it on Instagram, and they do   I’m delivering it this morning.   I believe I saw this first on SewCanShe, which referred to Quilty LoveQuilty Love and then to the chicken tutorial at Sew Inspired.Sew Inspired.  
    I’m sharing this today on SewCanShe’s Show off Saturday.  I’m doing this on my iPad, so it’s a little strange, I normally use my computer.Show off Saturday