Monday, January 21, 2019

Three Minis

This one was my version of the tree that was on  I wanted to use Fairy Frost, and I just had short pieces.  I've made 3 mini's in the last few days.

I already blogged about this one, but I wanted to see the 3 together.

I made the first chicken quilt for one of my grandsons and his wife.  At the same time, 
I made 2 of each block so that I could make 1 for myself also.  

I'm also showing the 3 backs.  This is the second chicken quilt.  The fabric hides the quilting almost completely.

This is what you get when you use white in the bobbin on a red backing.  Also, it didn't help that my sewing machine needed cleaning and my feed dogs had quite a bit of lint gathered around them.

This is my favorite.  The quilting shows, but doesn't look so showing of each bad stitch.

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