Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Disappearing 9 Patch Blocks

I should be doing a lot of other things this morning, mainly housework and grocery shopping, but instead, I spent this morning making these Disappearing 9 Patch blocks.  Our friends are coming to visit the end of next month, and if there is time we may make Temple bags (also called Huge Messenger Bags) together.  I think these might do for blocks for the fronts and backs.  The instructions for the bags are here.  It's from Marion of My Quilt Diet, lots of good things on her blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mail Surprise and more Springtime Sky

We received a very nice gift in the mail today, from our grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Germany.  We are in for some yummy treats.

I got my Springtime Sky (Grand Illusion) washed and on the bed.  I think it is just the size we like, some have been too big, or too small, and my husband says it doesn't make his eyes go crazy, so I think I'm good.  We have yellow drapes in the room, and I had to play with Photoshop, which I'm not too good at, so I have a variety of hues.  The two above are closest to original, but I think I like this one best.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Santa Blocks

I did my math, and to do a queen sized, I need 90 blocks.  Since I'm not swapping I decided to do a set 1 and set 2 each month with different colors.  Amy, the girl who's running the swap (which I'm not doing) said no she'd give me the list of blocks so I didn't have to do duplicates.  I'll still keep this months duplicates, and then switch to Amy's list.

Amy, has put lots of time into this swap-sew along, and she is the mother of twin baby girl toddlers.  I wanted to say thank you, so I made a set of blocks for her.  These are from her master plan, 3 from month 10 and 3 from month 11.   I've made 18 blocks in the past week, but now will take a break from quilting, as I have my brother coming this weekend, and friends coming the latter part of February.  I think it's time to do some housework. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Santa's Quilt Sew Along

Oops, I guess I shouldn't text while sewing.

Supposed to do 6 blocks a month.  This is before I got the arch's sewn on.

My 6 blocks are finished. 
And Santa is working on his version of our sew-along quilt.  The sew-along is with Facebook group Friendship Quilting Group.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second 2015 Finish

I saw a hint somewhere about using a tissue box and a toilet paper roll to help with application of binding.  I've been using the toilet paper roll for years, and thought I'd try the tissue box, problem is, I couldn't find an empty one.  This is a little toy box that I got at Ikea, just because I liked it, haven't been able to share it with the kids yet, have been using it to hold cell phone cords, etc.  I think I've found a new use though, still don't think I'll share.  Maybe, I'll go to Ikea and get another, so I don't feel so selfish.  I have a weakness for wood, and it is even dove-tailed, maybe I'll get two.

And, my second finish, a simple quilt for a friend.  About 64 by 80.
I think I like 16 patches.  They are good for leader enders, and are versatile for a quick quilt.  The little cutie is my great-granddaughter, she's 5 now, so she was probably 2 then.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Springtime Sky (Grand Illusion) is Done Done

It took all day, but it's done, done. I'll take a better picture, on the bed probably, after it's washed, today this was about the best I could do with the energy I had left, lol. 

And the flannel back.  I need to find my Fray Check though, I had left a safety pin in the center of the back, and only found it at the end.  I had to cut a couple threads.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Grand Illusion (Springtime Sky) and Organizing

Ok, time to baste.  I usually use Sharon Schamber's board method, but this one is much too big for that.  Going by Bonnie's finish at 88 x 88 inches, this one should finish at 94 1/2 x 94 1/2. 

It took a few hours, but it's heavy and basted.  I also have a smaller quilt top, that I made this week, to baste and quilt. 

You see these around the web, and I've been wanting one.  I hope to use it in my sewing room, and without too much trouble, also be able to empty it out quickly, and use it for serving when we have company.  As you see, I haven't really loaded it up yet. It's an Ikea Raskog, rolling cart with an Aptitlig Butcher block on top.  The Aptitlig is not a perfect fit, but it's pretty good.

This is a small Origami bookcase, from HSN.   It's sitting on the table behind my Juki, and I'll find out soon if I can leave it there and still quilt large quilts. 
And here is the other quilt top that I have to baste.  It's smaller, about 64 x 80 and for a lap quilt for a friend.  Hope she likes it.  Haven't been around her much for years, so not sure about her colors.  One thing about scrappy, mostly they have lots of colors, and can go many places.

Back to organizing, wouldn't it be nice, if I could find my scissors when I need them.  It will also be seen, if this is going to help.  I was hoping to hang my rotary cutters on it too, but the holes were too small.   My sewing room looks extra messy today, I have stuff moved around to allow the delivery men to bring in my new washer and dryer.  With the ones I have now, it's an all day thing to wash and dry 2 loads.  They are old and very inefficient, kind of like me.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Grand Illusion is a Flimsy and Pictures of a Gift in Use

Not too bad since I didn't have access to the chair. 

They said she likes it.

I decided mine was bright, but blah, so I added the print and hoped.  Guess, I just craved scrappy, and I decided on yardage this year.

Ready to start the borders.  The pink and green stripe is my binding.

It's a flimsy now, bigger even than Bonnie's started.  I decided that since I had never even heard of the Grand Hotel, and probably will never go there, mine is "Springtime Sky". 

The corner, with my extra border.  And, I  linked up to Bonnie's blog this morning.  If you'd like to see lots of progress on Grand Illusion, go here.  Thank you Bonnie, for another great mystery.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Wrap-up

Quilts finished 2014.  From top Everlee, Aurora, Joey, Emmalee, Danika Lee, Tristan and brother, Naomi, Hayley, Cameron and Sister, Kerri, Donna, Son, Daughter, Lynn, Hank.

Afghans 2014.  Tabitha, Brook, Vanna, Caleb, Danika Lee, Aurora.

Misc. 2014.  Everlee, Ironing Pad, Bionic Gear Bag, 8 placemats Sandra, Litter bags and iphone holder, 12 placemats for Barbara and Judy, Bag for me, Bags for kids, Gator bags for me, etc., Initial A for Aurora, Throw for Vince, another Litter Bag, Messenger bags, Kerri and Sandra.  I missed a couple of things, some bags and a throw, but that's most of it.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Plodding along on The Reveal on Grand Illusion

I apologize for the overload of pink, aqua, white, yellow, green and black.  It's Bonnie's mystery colors, so it's everywhere.  These are my 25 blocks stacked up ready to start sewing.  Last step and reveal time.

First step sewn together on my large fancy 9 patches.

Yay, They are 9 patches now.  (What's the correct spelling of Yay?)

Time to add sashing and cornerstones.  I deviated here, I like to do it the Gourmet Quilter's way from you tube.  She has a video about sashing 5 inch squares, but it works for anything.  First side on.

I guess since I really love scrappy best, my blocks looked kind of blah to me, even though they are bright.  I decided they needed something else, so I went to Hobby Lobby today and this black floral was the closest I could find to my vision. My print is where turquoise 3 1/2 inch squares were supposed to be.

Both sides of sashing sewn on.

Just 5 sashings to sew on here, and 5 at the top, and sashings will be complete. I really like the video from Gourmet Quilter, "How to Simply Sash 5" squares - Quilting Tips and Techniques 054".

This picture doesn't show the cornerstones as well as I'd hoped.  I'm hoping that when it's done it'll be pleasing, and give it a little less boring look.  I'm also going to put another small border on using the print.  Two reasons, to tie in the print a little more, and to make the quilt a little larger.