Monday, January 26, 2015

Santa Blocks

I did my math, and to do a queen sized, I need 90 blocks.  Since I'm not swapping I decided to do a set 1 and set 2 each month with different colors.  Amy, the girl who's running the swap (which I'm not doing) said no she'd give me the list of blocks so I didn't have to do duplicates.  I'll still keep this months duplicates, and then switch to Amy's list.

Amy, has put lots of time into this swap-sew along, and she is the mother of twin baby girl toddlers.  I wanted to say thank you, so I made a set of blocks for her.  These are from her master plan, 3 from month 10 and 3 from month 11.   I've made 18 blocks in the past week, but now will take a break from quilting, as I have my brother coming this weekend, and friends coming the latter part of February.  I think it's time to do some housework. 


Fiber Babble said...

Your blocks look great! So kind of you to make a set for the swap hostess, and so kind of her to share the info with you.

You deserve a break... though I'm not sure housework is what I'd choose! ;-)

Amanda said...

These look like a challenging block, are you paper piecing them? We always say thank goodness for visitors, it gives us the motivation to get down to the housework.