Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Wrap-up

Quilts finished 2014.  From top Everlee, Aurora, Joey, Emmalee, Danika Lee, Tristan and brother, Naomi, Hayley, Cameron and Sister, Kerri, Donna, Son, Daughter, Lynn, Hank.

Afghans 2014.  Tabitha, Brook, Vanna, Caleb, Danika Lee, Aurora.

Misc. 2014.  Everlee, Ironing Pad, Bionic Gear Bag, 8 placemats Sandra, Litter bags and iphone holder, 12 placemats for Barbara and Judy, Bag for me, Bags for kids, Gator bags for me, etc., Initial A for Aurora, Throw for Vince, another Litter Bag, Messenger bags, Kerri and Sandra.  I missed a couple of things, some bags and a throw, but that's most of it.

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