Friday, January 31, 2020

It's Been Awhile

I thought that I was going to put all these pictures in some sort of order, but I'm not that good.  As usual, a hodge podge.  These are dog collars that my niece requested.  She has 3 dogs, so they will be looking really cute.

I thought that it would be even cuter if she coordinated, so I made her a matching reversible tote.  I was having some sewing machine issues, but I have them corrected now.  Knock on wood, I don't want to tempt fate.

She had asked about a blue king sized quilt a few years ago, and since she is the niece who gave me a wonderful dog (which I had to give back after a year or so, due to my husband's health issues), I finally got around to it.  I already had some blue Slab blocks, so I added more framed them and sashed them and with a border, got them to king sized.

Basting was an adventure too, but it is so heavy that I was able to just drape it on the table and go for it.  

And, on to quilting, lots of smushing and mushing, but I was able to accomplish my usual mediocre meandering.

Now it's a quilt, mailed and she received it yesterday.  She should be taking a picture on her bed, probably today, I'm anxious to see it and will add it to my blog.

We have a vet friend who has been very good to us, and so I decided to make him a quilt.  Unfortunately, I messed it up a bit, and haven't decided if I should go ahead and give it to him with apologies.  It started out with wonky stars from Darlene Michaud's youtube channel tutorial.

My daughter got an amazing deal on a table and 6 chairs on Marketplace, and I made her these placemats.  I had 2 in a red border already, the same red as the center of these, and so I added 2 that size, and 1 smaller one to use in the center of the table.

One of my grandson's dog got very ill and had to have surgery.  He got some amazing financial help from a friend, so I made her this quilt as a thank you.  It is also from Darlene Michaud's youtube channel tutorial.

My little chubby toy Australian Shepherd got groomed a couple of days ago and at least to my eyes she looks so cute that I had to add her.

A couple of potholders from a Sewcanshe tutorial.  I really like them.

I watched a youtube tutorial on this Swoon pattern bag and decided to make with and add additional pockets.  The tutorial was by Lauren Mormino.

More dog bandannas.

I made 30 something pillowcases for Christmas presents.

And, a lot of aprons, I think about 13 or 14.  They were also from a tutorial, but my mind is a blank right now.

Then there were grocery bags, and again, an excessive amount.  I think I made at least 8.  these, plus 3 butterfly ones for my daughter.  Again, a blank mind on the tutorial.  I'll add the info when I think of it.

For mine and my daughters 3 each grocery bags, I also made pouches to carry them  I put the little strap on and my thought is a carabiner clamp to attach the pouch to the grocery cart handle.

This fabric that I made all but one from was the valances in my brothers brand new double wide.  He didn't care for them, but it's nice sturdy material.

And last that I can think of, one of my granddaughters moved into her own little place and asked if I'd make her a couple of curtains.  They are cuter in person, teapot duck fabric from Walmart.  
I almost forgot, my youngest grandson's baby quilt.  He has 2 older brothers and so he also got the Marvel theme so that the bedroom coordinates.  The blocks were from a shop hop I went on a couple or 3 years ago.  I haven't been on one in a long time, my husband is too ill to go with me, or to be left at home alone for that long.


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