Sunday, April 26, 2020


Ernest, my husband of fifty-five years passed away February 23rd, 2020.  I've been very sad, and I still expect to see him at unexpected times, or forget that I don't need to be quiet so as not to wake him.  My only regret is that I wasn't kinder at all times and that I didn't do more for him.  It's true that we never regret our kindnesses, just our shortcomings.  I was pretty much housebound for the past few years, so being quarantined for the past few weeks hasn't been as hard for me as it is for many others, it's giving me a chance to grieve quietly and lick my wounds.  I'd like to share a few pictures.

One of my favorite pictures.

Being Silly
His Personality, Happy and Friendly
Just because
A more recent picture 2 years ago.

I haven't felt like blogging, or doing much of anything, but I have done some sewing before and after he passed away.  I had obligations and sometimes it just takes my mind off of things for awhile.  These first ones are ones that I had already finished.

A quilt for my grandson's kind but injured friend.


For my niece's step-daughter, who had worn out the quilt I had made for her before
For my niece's step-daughter, who had worn out the previous quilt that I had made for her.

A small wall hanging

These are quilts that I had started for baby showers, and birthdays.

Birthday gift for my new son-in-law.
Baby quilt for a friend's grandbaby.
Baby quilt for my son-in-laws grandbaby, who will be born in a month or so.

I wanted to make myself a comfort quilt from my husband's shirts and pajamas, so I made one, but it was too large for my chair.  I use it on the bed and made a smaller one for my chair.
The larger one, back and front.

The smaller one.  My husband was an avid New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and especially, Boston Red Sox fan.

I don't know if it's completely healthy, but I know that it makes me feel better to be in my cocoon that I've made for myself and cover up with my comfort quilt.

I've also been making various styles of masks, but haven't found one that is simple to make and comfortable to wear.  I ordered patterns from Martelli, and am hoping that they will be the answer.   They have videos and the templates look like they will greatly reduce cut out time.  I'm anxious for them to get here.

My daughter and I both like bees (not real and close enough to sting) and I had some panels. so I'm making us wall hangings,  Mine is the one on the left, and if it doesn't look good on my wall, I figure it can always be a baby quilt. 
This will be an additional 2" border, and this will be the back.  Fleece.

I hope that we all weather this trying time, and I'm grateful that I had 55 years with my husband.  I'm sad, but I know that I will be with him soon, and I'm trying to get myself to a better place to be able to return to my Heavenly Father.  I have some work to do, and hope to be with my husband for eternity.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh, my dear lady, I am so very sorry to hear of this terrible loss. I am out here in western Nebraska, also a recent widow as of January 21, understanding a little of what you mentioned. He was a handsome guy - you had a long time together - that part is a blessing - I know you are missing him. I am thinking of you.

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Marie said...

Hi Candace. Hope things are getting easier for you. Yes the days are long but the nights seem longer to me. I am much better and have been trying to go in sewing room on a regular basis. I have two large quilts to finish and several small ones and I will get this done this year!! We have chatted for years and I do hope we get to meet before too long. You can send me a message on facebook messenger with your address and
hmne number if you would like! Well today is a catch up day sol better get back to it.
Many hugs, Marie

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE that pile of quilts in your header, all folded so neatly. Your man was a good looking guy. I'm heading out in a few days, just wanted to say "hello" again. Take care.

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Elaine Adair said...

I wanted to re-read your post, and look at your photos again. Your Ernie was a handsome guy - I like seeing him all strong and healthy. I'm thinking of you, as you know. Looks like folks from middle East are also thinking of you! 8-))) Stay stay Strong.