Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second 2015 Finish

I saw a hint somewhere about using a tissue box and a toilet paper roll to help with application of binding.  I've been using the toilet paper roll for years, and thought I'd try the tissue box, problem is, I couldn't find an empty one.  This is a little toy box that I got at Ikea, just because I liked it, haven't been able to share it with the kids yet, have been using it to hold cell phone cords, etc.  I think I've found a new use though, still don't think I'll share.  Maybe, I'll go to Ikea and get another, so I don't feel so selfish.  I have a weakness for wood, and it is even dove-tailed, maybe I'll get two.

And, my second finish, a simple quilt for a friend.  About 64 by 80.
I think I like 16 patches.  They are good for leader enders, and are versatile for a quick quilt.  The little cutie is my great-granddaughter, she's 5 now, so she was probably 2 then.

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Amy said...

Oooooooooh. I'm loving your 'simple quilt for a friend.' Tying it all together with the green fabric blocks; so lovely!