Monday, August 5, 2013

Shopping and New Projects

Not too much sewing going on the past few days.  Went to Camp Blanding (a military camp where there is a beautiful lake) and had a family day with my brothers, nieces, nephews, etc.  It was beautiful, but some kind of little bugs had hatched over night, and they were thick.   I brought about 100 home in my car, but I think they are all dead now.   These fabrics are for initial pictures (hopefully, like the ones Joanna did, below) to be gifts and decoration at the baby shower for my new great-grandbaby Everlee.  The blue and robots are for her big brother almost 4 year old Dominic.

Here are two from Joanna's blog Applique Today, and another one here.   And so I can remember where to find it later, a delicious looking recipe that she shared, Bacon and Egg Pie.  I think these are so cute, hope mine turn out half as cute.

One of my nieces requested a Gator Quilt (University of Florida) for her husband, so my brother bought the fabrics and I'll be making the quilt.   I'll use the same pattern "Just Can't Cut It", that I have already made several Gator quilts from.  Here are the ones I made for my brothers.

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