Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Deck-ade The Halls - Step 3

This is going to be such a cute quilt.  So far, the gingerbread men, the stars and the ornaments, and each step just gets cuter.    It has been pretty easy, just have to get organized and it's like putting a puzzle together.   Monday DH had his skin cancer surgery on his lip, and he has been very miserable.  Hopefully, each day will get a little better.


Amanda said...

You're right, it's going to look lovely, a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorating. Poor Ernie, you must be feeling so helpless when he's miserable and you can't do much about it. Is he in hospital, or at home?

Katie M. said...

Hope your DH recovers quickly. I am looking forward to seeing your completed quilt. I know it will be awesome.

Amy said...

Oh goodness. Those ARE cute!!!!

Life always intervenes; it's something I've come to accept more and more these past couple of years. The quilting will always be there when we're ready to fit some time in. In the meantime, thoughts of comfort are being sent to you and Ernie. I am hoping for the exact thing you said.....hopefully each day will get a little better.
You are amazing.