Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last One, At Least for Now

My coffee table runner is finished.  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get my living room cleaned up and put all my table toppers and table runner to use.  About 20 by 48 inches. 
PS  I was just thinking that this would make a nice door banner for the Fourth of July.  Maybe, next year.

The reverse.  Spring Wonky Strippie.  I was going to make a green and a purple.  Then I thought why not combine them and use the green part for RSC.  I really wanted the blue binding for the flag, so I decided why not green, purple and blue.  It's still springy, at least I hope so.

My finishes of the past few days.  Not bad, plus I used up a bunch of scraps of fabric and batting. 

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