Monday, April 22, 2013

A New Tablecloth

Yesterday, when I should have been doing other things, I got the urge to sew and I thought what can I do.  I've been wanting a quilt for my dining room table, but haven't made one, and then I thought, I wonder if I could make one from one of the manly quilt tops that I have already made.  I figured it out, and I just had to add 5 inches to each end on the top (see the light color at the top) and a few inches to one end of the back.  I did that, and got to basting.  Today, I quilted it, my usual meander, and put on the scrappy binding.   Voil√†, my tablecloth (table quilt?).  I'm going to wash and dry it and then I'll take a picture on the table.  It isn't the fabrics of my dreams for my table, but it's ok, it'll be quite good in a month or so, and it is a good pattern for a tablecloth, hardly any lumps, and it's almost like a table runner down the center.   My house isn't any cleaner though, and I'm not any more organized.   Now, I'll get to doing those other things I should have been doing.  I know it's probably a little tacky, but I'm also going to go to Walmart and see if I can find a clear vinyl tablecloth protector.   It'll save on the washing.

Oh well, it's not washed yet, but I wanted to see it on the table.  Sorry, terrible lighting and dreary outside.


Amanda said...

What a good idea, and the design works perfectly for a table. How clever of you to spot that. It's something I've been planning for a couple of years, but I keep agonising over the design. I admire you for just getting on with it and then having a finish to enjoy.

Joanne Lavallee said...

How neat I would never think of that kind of quilt on a table, but it works and works well.