Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bags Finally Done

The good news is they are extra sturdy and should last a long time.  The bad news is they may not be bags that you would want to last a long time.  They are done and I hope that they are liked, but they have some definite flaws.

I thought I was making Mackenzie's the same size that I had made Logann, Maisyn's and Kolbie's, but I thought that I had used the 12 1/2" square ruler and then added a bottom, I must not have added the bottom.  Mackenzie's is deeper than I thought because I added 3 inches for the bottom and it may take her a couple years to grow into it.  I was so proud of this fabric, it is velvety, but it was a nightmare to work with due to the stretching.  I hope a few things, one being that the straps aren't too long, but I thought that a diaper bag would need a little longer straps to deal with the baby paraphernalia.  I hope this is one of the cases where "done is better than perfect". 
Now, one more quilt to finish for my "July Quilts".  At the last minute I decided that my brother's x-mother-in-law needed a quilt.  She has had a rough few months to say the least.  In November she lost her only daughter, only child I think, then she also fell and injured her shoulder twice.  She rented a home from a church and the second fall was when the back stairs railing collapsed.  A month or two ago the church evicted her (I know there may be more to the story, but it seems to me like kicking her when she's down) and she had to move from the home she had been living in for almost 15 years.  The quilt is another strippy quilt and is basted and ready to be quilted.  I also have my own two quilts waiting, my Paintbox and Sunrise Sunset (Orca Bay).  

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