Thursday, June 28, 2012

110 Blocks Finished, Yay!

I finished my 110 blocks this am and it's only 5:30 am now, so you know I got up early.  About 3:30 I think it was, but I'm about to go back to bed for awhile soon.  When I thought of 110 blocks I couldn't think that I would finish very soon, but it only took a week or so and they are done.  When I started I thought to use only 30 style pales, but after about 40 of them I could see that not only was it boring (I like to have a variety to sew) to sew all the same types, but I knew that coming up with 440 different ones would be hard, I don't have a large stash.  Pretty soon, anything went as you can see and I tried not to use any one fabric more than 4 times.  I used the charm squares from the swap that I mentioned before, a moda charm pack, muslin scraps from the approximately 25 year old bolt, and then went to my scraps.  I got enough squares without going to my yardage and larger pieces.  I plan to use binding scraps and sheets that I already have for the back.  The only thing that I purchased was a king sized batting.  I couldn't feature piecing a monster batting that large.   The quilt will be 10 x 11 blocks and this is about 1/4 of them, 5 x 6 blocks.  There's really no hurry, except that I like to see the finished products, and I have company coming that I am very excited about, but hopefully in a few weeks it will be finished and my Sunrise Sunset (kind of Halloween because it has orange in it, according to my husband) can be put away until fall and this will replace it on my bed.   We just got a new mattress and box springs and went from two queen sized beds to three, so I also plan to do one of Bonnie Hunter's "Star Strucks"  for the bed that is now is DH's office.  The quilt in there is what we had been using since about January, but it is really a bit too small. 

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