Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Cross Stitch From ChookyBlue's Cross Stitch Display Inspiration

My niece Kerri and her father lived with us for awhile and either my DD or I taught her to cross stitch.   She was about 4th grade then and is the mom of 7 now, two of which are teenagers.  I felt honored that she presented me with her first.  (I like to collect pins.)

About that same time, I taught my son who was a senior in high school.  He made this for a girl that he really liked, but she blew it and he gave it to me instead.  I love it still even though I was second choice.

My DD made this for me when a mother of several small very active children (boys) and I treasure it also.  It is beautiful, and was a sacrifice.

My father was a man who it was hard to get gifts for, his wants weren't great and if he wanted it he probably got it himself.  I made this family tree for him and he really loved it and was touched.  I felt very happy when I could find a gift he really liked.  This was the first, the second was his first brand new goose down pillow (from my mother and I) and the last was a lined flannel shirt from LL Bean when he was terminally ill.  It makes me happy to know that I found something that really made him happy. 

After I made a family tree for my father I made one for DH.  This one is obviously bigger, and my father joked about why DH's was bigger.  I told him I couldn't help that we had 3 kids and they had 5.  I'm a more is more type of person, lol, so if there was a bare spot I filled it.  These look almost nothing like the original pattern.  I tried to add emblems that were meaningful and added lots of family information.  I took patterns from all over the place and adapted things such as making the tree considerably bigger.  It's amazing how often when a birthday or anniversary is needed that we go look on the family tree cross stitches.

Several people commented yesterday on how they cross stitched but gave it up for quilting.  I can't really say that, I met my Waterloo.  This is the pattern.  Every single little tiny block is cross stitched and a co-worker made one that I thought was the prettiest that I had seen.   I wanted one too, and still do, but I didn't get too far and between work and this bugger, I pretty much couldn't see well enough to do it anymore (it couldn't be that I was getting older helped too).   I still keep it and hope to finish it one day, but I make no promises.

This is how far I got, I think it's beautiful.

It's worthy of a close-up.  I didn't get far, but I love what I did.  Small things occupy small minds, lol.   I haven't done any cross stitch since the little sampler that I did back in 1996 when DH was having surgeries for a broken leg, but I treasure the ones I have and they warm up my home.  they were done with love.  Thank you Chookyblue and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.  Have a wonderful holiday.


Amy said...

Ooooo.....a feel a SLIGHT itch to pull out my cross-stitch again :0)

Lovelies :0)

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely cross stitches
I think i stopped because of my eye sight........but I have good glass and good light now so things are better........I did some cross stitch last night and really enjoyed getting back into it..........

Teresa said...

Your crossstitch is beautiful. I never really got into that craft although I have always admired it.

Aussie Nanna said...

Beautiful work Candace!
I understand the eyesight thing.....the last cross stitches I did were on black aida and that really tested my eyesight!! I promptly gave