Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 BOM BY AMY - Block 1 January

This is my first block and in spite of sewing the wrong sides together about 3 times and ripping it out and doing the same thing twice, it is done. I think that I like the colors well enough to proceed, and have the next 2 cut out and ready to go.
P.S. I was going to get all 3 blocks done today, but now I'm tempted to go to Sea World this evening. It is cold here, high 48 and low 32, but they are having the last night of an ice-skating show, and it sounds like fun, cold but fun. My daughter and her fiance went last night, and she is willing to go with me tonight and says it is wonderful. I'm in the process of talking myself into it. It is awful cold!!


Amanda said...

Look at all those perfect points! I hope you wrapped up well and took a flask of warm drink with you and went to see the show, it sounds great fun.

Marie said...

I love your block, beautiful colors and a great job girlfriend.I vote for Seaworld, I would have taken Faith if I had thought of it. ENJOY. Hugs,

Amy said..., BRIGHT colors!

I couldn't help but chuckle at how nonchalantly you stated "I'm thinking of going to Sea World." Ooooh, to be so close to FUN attractions like that!

scraphappy said...

You are brave to go out in the bitter cold. I hope it is worth it. Your BOM looks fabulous! Well worth having to unsew to get it all to match up like that.