Monday, October 5, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday III

I guess that you could call this indecisive day for me. I started out wanting to share my favorite and oldest teapot. I got it mail order about 40 years ago, and I'm almost sure that it was from the Vermont Country store. I couldn't afford it, but it was one of the few things that I splurged on anyway, and I have carried it through many a move since. It is marked "made in Staffordshire England", and has pretty gold and robin's egg blue trim. Then I decided to add a few autumn things, so added the pumpkin that I just found at the Dollar Store, and some of my favorite miniature things, you'll probably see lots of miniature things as I really like them. My mother and two of my aunts enabled me with my love of small glass chickens and bunnies and I have them all over the house. To me they are like little jewels and are some of my favorite things because I love them, and because of where I got them. My mother and one of my aunts have since passed away. The little terra cotta rooster is Avon, and held wax beads. Opposite to my love of miniatures is my love of great big bowls. You can see some of those in the background.

In Rhode Island there is a pottery called Peter Pots. I have a set of dinnerware and also quite a few of what I call "little cute things". The blue sugar and creamer are some of those, they are called the chipmunk set.

From there my mind went to Thanksgiving, I don't know what happened to Halloween, and I added Woman in Prayer, I call her the praying lady. She's a copy of a bronze statue in Nauvoo, Illinois, and I think that she is beautiful.

I hope that you have enjoyed my indecisive offering for today, and to see more Tea Things Tuesday, you can go to Kim's blog, Shabby, Pink and Pretty for links.


Vicki said...

Hi, Candace,
I am glad you were indecisive because we got to see so many of your wonderful treasures!! I, too, love bunnies and chickens. It is wonderful that your mom and aunts helped you on your collection. They will be wonderful memories of your loved ones. The praying lady is so peaceful and beautiful. Happy Tea Things Tuesday to you!! Blessings, Vicki

Nanette said...

Hi Candace,
Lovely things. Beautiful teapot. I am particularly drawn to the lady in prayer also, she is beautiful. Hope your day is going well!

Mary said...

Candace, what a beautiful praying lady, so softly speaking to God...and your teapot is lovely, just as the bowls and autumn additions...they are wonderful, and especially since your mom and aunts had a part in it...that makes "treasures" out of "things"! Thanks so much for sharing not only your love for some special items, but the love for your family comes through, too.

God bless,

Kim said...

Today has been so much fun. Everyone is doing such a great job putting together their "Tea Things" vignettes. Fall is definately the theme of the day for sure. You have a wonderful collection of tea things Candance. I love the fact that even during the times that money was tight, you spent it on that lovely teapot and that you have kept it all these years. I think I would have doen the same thing.

Bunny said...

Not sure what happened to my post but here it is again. Love your tea presentation just such nice treasures.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hi Candace....thanks for visiting with me today. I love that you remember about buying the teapot. Some of my most precious things are ones, I really shouldn't have bought...seemed like a splurge at the time...but now are treasures!

andsewon said...

I loved looking at your treasure.
A very lovely grouping. How sweet the memories too.
I love that teapot pretty and so special!!

Joyce said...

I love your tea things and the lady in prayer is just beautiful.

Margo in Maine said...

Beautiful...thanks for sharing...

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, so nice of you to visit my cottage and for the sweet words you left behind, much appreciated. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your good wishes and prayers. I am one lucky girl to have such caring and loving circle of blog friends. You have an interesting blog and a new follower….me, I am now going to go stroll around your lovely blog. I am looking forward to many more visits….
Love & Hugs