Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday IV

I'm writing this on Monday to be sure that I'm ready for tomorrow, and it started out being dreary and drab here, so I thought what would be a good day brightener. Red is what I came up with, so today (tomorrow) I am sharing some more of my Royal Albert Old Country Roses. I have had it for forever, as I had mentioned before, I'm lucky enough to live near outlets where deals are to be found. The scale of my display is pretty improper, but I like my miniatures and like to include them. The chicken is my only red one, and it is very dark, but I enjoy my little jewels, which is how I think of my chicken collection.

The Fenton cranberry glass vase is a new to me recent addition that I got off ebay. It was a very good buy, and I have been wanting some cranberry glass for years.

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Vicki said...

Hello, Candace,
Such a beautiful display of your tea treasures. Old Country Roses is one of my favorites! Love your little red hen, cranberry glass vase, and pretty red rose. Blessings to you and have a beautiful week! Vicki

quiltmom anna said...

My grandmother had a large collection of Old country Roses but I already had a set of Limoge that I had bought from a friend. I believe either my uncle or cousin have the china. My mother has Tranquility and my aunt has Lavendar Roses.
I love the beautiful cranberry red pieces with your china. There is something really elegant about a beautiful tea service.
Thanks for adding beauty to my day.

Mary said...

Hi Candace,

I have a large collection of Old Country Roses, too! I have a lot of Royal Albert, but this is my favorite. I just bought a canister set that I will be showing one day soon. My family always knows what to get me for birthdays and Christmas...OCR. It is beautiful, cheerful, elegant and just so seeing it in someone else's home, too!

God bless,

Lurline said...

Oh, Candace - this display is so elegant and beautiful - lovely treasures to have!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Jocelyn said...

Very lovely. I love the Old Country Roses pattern.


Nanette said...

Hi Candace,
Love old country roses, always like to see it displayed. Your little red chicken is adorable!

{oc cottage} said...

Old Country Roses was my first china love!!

m ^..^

andsewon said...

Love Old Country pretty and old fashioned looking.
Very pretty rose to.


ellen b said...

Very nice Candace. I've always loved the Royal Albert shape. My very first tea set is a Royal Albert set.

Kim said...

What a lucky lady you are Candace. The teapot is beautiful as are the matching pieces you have for it. Old Country Roses is one of my favorite patterns as well, but I just have a teacup and desert plate so far. The teapot is still on my wish list!