Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

This morning I have been busy and a little productive. Long story, but due to a bit of drama between x-wives etc., I decided that I wanted to make DD's fiance's DD a quilt. I had some prequilted fabric, so I did a little machine embroidery with her name, and used some assorted leftover binding, and now it is out of the washer and dryer and ready to be delivered. Not fancy, but she is in kidergarten and probably not too hard to please.
I also took a few pictures of my more organized stash (and I use the term loosely as it isn't a very impressive one) The top is my batiks and some smaller mostly half yard pieces. The middle is assorted colored and neutral larger pieces, and the bottom is children and baby fabrics.

Below is my backing stash, I bought several oxford cloth sheets and some flannel sheets from Land's End and am going to see how they work out for backings. I had one done with a sheet at the LA'er with her permission, and it turned out nicely, I'm hoping that I can do it, too.

The still a bit messy picture below is actually the shelf above my backings, and it is my scraps. I always thought that I had mostly pinks, but it seems that I have more blues and purples than pinks. I never would have known if I hadn't tried to make some order from the chaos.
This is just the side view looking in from the closet door. I still have a lot of organizing to do, and that will be done as I put away Christmas decorations. I think that I also need to get rid of some things, but that won't be easy. I can't stand the mess though.

This is a not very good picture of the fabrics that I have ordered from Thousands of Bolts. They are for Bonnie Hunter's mystery, and I'm anxious for them to get here. The email says January 6th, and I'm sure I'll survive.

I am supposed to do the Shakespeare in the Park with an internet friend, and these are the fabrics that I purchased for it about 4 or 5 years ago. They are still intact except for one piece of fabric that I robbed and replaced with another similar one. I just need to take Nike's advice and 'just do it', as for some reason it scares me. She has already started hers and has a couple of snail's trail blocks. done.

Sorry to have gone on and on, if anyone is still with me, I can imagine that your eyes have glazed over.
I wish all a Happy New Year.


Kim said...

Happy New Year !
What a lovely quilt for the little one. I'm sure it will be well loved, especially since her name is on it.
You fabric is way too neat!
You need to get a few scrap quilt books and just make quilts. Don't think about it just cut and sew. Scrap quilts are my very favorite. I love seeing little pieces of fabric of quilts I've already made.

Julie said...

It is looking good!

scraphappy said...

I just love the Shakespeare quilt. Every time I see it, I just love it more. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Maybe this will be the year to get it done! The best part about having a reasonably sized stash is that you don't feel guilty bout shopping for new project.

Marie said...

Happy New Year my friend!
I love your shelves that you have the fabric on may I ask where you got them? The quilt for Kaylea is very sweet qnd I bet she will love it.It sounda like you will be very productive this year. Hugs, Marie

Lurline said...

Certainly looks like you have a great stash there and sooo organized - lovely! Enjoy doing DD - I'm not doing this one - I don't think so anyhow!
Hugs - Lurline♥

sewkalico said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! i am also going to do the new mystery. I couldn't resist when I saw Bonnie's color choices (although mine will yet again not be the same as hers!)

Margo in Maine said...

Beautfiul quilt for little one...they just love to wrap up in them...your stash is looking good...something about the new year we all get really organized....I did mine a while stays good until I start to pull and then oh my...Blessings on the New Year 2009...May it bring you good things.

Amy said...

Oh Candace! I had a SERIOUS giggle when I read that opening sentence!!!!

"making DD's fiance's DD a quilt..."

Now imagine making Bonnie's DoubleDelights for her.....cuz then you'd be making.....

"DD's finace's DD a DD quilt!"

What a hoot!

Anyway--happy New Year. I was fortunate to inherit my Grandmother's "stash," so I have a LOT of "old" goodies that will be working in this quilt. Specially the CHEDDAR! :0)

Happy Thursday

Teresa said...

Your shelves look great!! Doesn't it just make you want to sit and admire what you have accomplished. I have seen the Shakespear in the Park quilt and it is gorgeous. I will be watching to see how you progress on yours.
Happy New Year!

Amy said...

WOW!! if only I could take pictures of my stash.... so organized yours is. thanks for sharing.

SueR said...

Your shelves look neat as a pin now. Cleaning and reorganizing is just plain good for the soul sometimes, isn't it? Makes you feel like you're getting a fresh start. Your embroidery looks really cute on the butterfly fabric, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see her name on it. I've used flannel sheets (all cotton) on the backs of several quilts, and it's worked out very well. I love flannel quilts!

Anonymous said...

Happy new yaer to you,

Very tidy stash, my stash well, not as tidy , no storage for it yet.

Ele said...

I´d love to have all my fabrics so in order as you do!! they are all messed up!!
Nice blog!! thanks from spain!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a real neat freak so I admire your organized stash. I've had to move my stuff from my sewing room to a bedroom and have no storage for my stash, so I am lusting after those shelves, they look like they are roll around and great for sticking in closets. I am going to look for those in the future. I have a tall stack that needs to go somewhere.