Monday, November 20, 2017

Aurora’s Big Girl Quilt

Twin sized with fleece back.  Slab Quilt with Minnie Mouse sashing.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

October Mini

October mini from "Sew Can She", now only December left.  This one looks pretty bad up close, but it was fun to do.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Only Two More Mini's to Go to Finish the Year

I skipped October, waiting for premade applique's, which came today.  I will hope to finish it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here is November.

The tiniest.  This was made from the leftovers of October's flying geese, which I went ahead and made in preparation for receiving the appliques.  An idea that I copied from "Sew Can She".

This one isn't part of the year of mini's being provided by "Sew Can She", I kept seeing it when I would google mini quilts, and I have always admired the bookshelf quilts.  Now, I think they are out of my system.  This pattern was from "Don't Call Me Betsy".

My mini's to this point.  Only two more left, October and December.  Can't wait to see December's.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

February - September Mini Quilts








I can't seem to stop, lol! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Small Things Amuse Small Minds

I received my daily Email from Sew Can She this morning and for some reason the November mini quilt gave me the urge to make mini quilts.  I decided to start with January, and this is the result after a few hours.  My desire is to do all or most of them and have a mini quilt wall somewhere in the house.  

My granddaughter-in-heart alerted me to an ill child on the internet who was requesting Christmas cards, so I decided to try my first homemade card ever.  This is supposed to be a Christmas tree (I know, they are usually green, not red) with a shiny gold star on top.  

I sewed the letters first, but they were so faint that I traced them with a Sharpie pen.  I was kind of pleased with my free cut stars (I told you small things amuse small minds, I have no artistic talent, so it doesn't take much).

Another of my semi-awesome stars.

Of course, I didn't have the right sized envelope, so I had to make one, which I was also semi pleased with.  

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Little Brown and Black

I just added pink to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge last night, so I'll go from being very late, to being early.  As I explained last night, I did 72 slab blocks for a queen sized quilt, to be finished in a few months, and it includes these 7 browns.  

And, 7 blacks also.  My blocks don't ever seem to be purist though, almost anything goes as long as there is some of the desired color.  I also consider gray to be black. Maybe I'm color blind and don't know it.

I finished 2 more baby quilt flimsies, not too much of a stretch, as it was only one border on this one.

This one was finished today too, and it was just 3 borders.  Panels sure hurry up the process.

I have been trying to use up fabric and scraps, and made the mistake of looking at the Marshall's Dry Goods site after receiving their email.  I fell in love with these golden fabrics, I love bling.  There is also one of the Christmas balls with a black background.  I was bad and ordered a yard of each, and then needed to decide what to do with them.

I found this quilt on and fell in love with it.  I can see the different golds in the blocks, with 4 of the
motifs inserted into them, and a pretty red metallic fabric for the sashing.  It's her Mondrian Inspired Quilt Pattern

Friday, November 3, 2017

Hurry, Hurry Post

I have less than an hour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge October, pink.  These are slab blocks, 7 of 72 that I made for a queen sized quilt from my scraps.  I'm putting it aside for a little while now, but will be back to it in the next three or four months, I hope.

7 each of these colors to go toward the 72 blocks for the queen sized quilt.

And, likewise these.

7 of each color group, except for the aqua, only 2 of them.
My high tech method of quilt planning.

Yesterday I cut out several baby quilts, this was one that I started with 3 orphan blocks.  Everything from scraps or fabrics I already had, except for 1/2 yard of the Tinkerbell fabric. 

You can probably tell from this close-up why this was an orphan block.

I sewed together 2 of the baby quilts today, this was the other one.  It is a little odd, it was actually a panel to make bags out of, but I decided to do a baby quilt instead.  It would have been even odder if I had used the other little motif picture of bras and panties.  Hopefully, there is a mom who would like a girly-girl baby quilt.

This is a baby boy fishing quilt panel that I've had for years, Thimbleberry, I believe.  I cut it out yesterday, also.

And the only one that I had to buy the fabrics for, for my great-grandson.  My granddaughter decided to do the kids shared room with Minnie and Mickey.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wallets for Christmas Gifts - Lots of Pockets

These were pretty fun to make, although I had to do a bit of ripping.  They hold 38 cards, and I'm planning to make several for Christmas gifts.  They are from, and called  Mega Credit Card Wallet.  The tutorial is at

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Quilt Top Number 4, Baby Quilt

Baby quilt is a flimsy now.  It is quilt number 4, but the first I will try to get finished, since it is a baby shower.  I am hoping to finish the other 3 though, to give to the bigger ones that day.
We are in Florida, so I'm making this short to work on hurricane preparations, just in case.
So scary for so many, prayers for everyone in any danger. 

I just want to add, I have commented on several blogs lately and gotten a message about some kind of problem.  I guess I need to investigate and check with Yahoo.