Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenges - Bits and Pieces

I haven't been keeping up with the RSC the past few months, illnesses of family members and such, but I have been using some of my RSC blocks from last year.  If you look, the top left block is one of my Kaleidoscope blocks, and the bottom middle is some of my 9 patches.  I needed some quilts quickly, so I used them along with my OKCMQG blocks also from last year.  

I needed a quilt for a niece, and again, I turned to the RSC and framed and sashed some of the 16 patches for a relatively quick quilt. 

And another quick quilt needed and again to the RSC.  This one was from the 2 1/2 inch strips that I had left from each color intending to do the Jelly Roll Race type quilt.  This one was done that way, but then I decided to make it into sort of a rail fence.   I needed 9 quilts in a short time, so I improvised.  I used these, also a coin style quilt that I had made the top as a spare man type quilt, then decided to use it for a tablecloth, so finished it and used it under plastic as a tablecloth for a few months.  Now, it has a label and is for a young boy.  I also used one of my Celtic Solstice quilts that weren't very successful, but hopefully the young lady that it's going to will like it.  She doesn't know that it was supposed to look differently than it turned out.  The coin and CS are here.   
Thankfully, I had the RSC to draw from and was able to complete the quilts I needed in the time frame that I was aiming for.
For more RSC quilts and blocks, ones that are actually from this year, visit Angela at 'soscrappy' here    

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Niece's Families Quilts Finished

My niece's quilts are finished and ready for delivery.  This is a last minute addition, my brother, who is ill, said that he would like a fleece cover, so of course he needed to have one.  This one is a little dark, but hope he likes it. 

The worst photographs ever, but these are for the two boys. 

For my niece.  These blocks were from last years Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  They were just 16 patches that I framed, and then sashed. 

For a niece.  This is the lavender and green version.  Below is for another niece, the pink version.

And for another niece.  It's very different from the others, but hope it suits her fancy.  She's the oldest, and a stepchild that I have never met, so no idea of her likes or dislikes.  The same for one of the boy quilts.  I can only hope that they will enjoy them. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Aurora's Shower

A is for Aurora due in April.  Shower this Saturday.   The photo below is a pink and gray crib sized afghan, also for Aurora.    

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Four Finishes

My barn quilt that I finished a few weeks ago and gave to my niece since she 'coveted' it.

My brother has brain cancer and is on hospice.  He requested that I make a quilt for his friend, so I made one for her and her two children.  This one is hers.

This is her back.

This is for her son.

And, this is his back.

And her daughters.

Her daughters back.  Not a masterpiece to be found, but hopefully they will like them, and I'm sure my brother will appreciate the effort.  He is on hospice, and I'm going back and forth.  I will be busy with everything going on, so probably won't be posting.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fourth out of Four Flimsys

I made one of Michelle's car caddies from the tutorial she shared on Sew We Quilt.  I really like it, although I left off the decorative button.  Michelle has a really cool blog, she rescues sewing machines and cleans them, and shares some with "the Sewing Machine Project".  I have been coveting a singer 301, and looking at her blog just made me want one all over again.  I don't really need another machine, but......

The last flimsy is done for my gift of 6 quilts to my niece and her family.  Two are finished, and now I just have to make backs, cut batting, baste and quilt these four and embroider names on the backs.  A lot of hours left, and my goal is to finish by mid march.  This one is very much like the other one that I did using some of my RSC blocks.  This one is RSC blocks too, I just added frames and sashing and cornerstones.
I also finished my barn quilt.  Since my other niece said she coveted it, I decided she should have it, and I basted and quilted it in one long day.  She's supposed to be getting me pictures to share.

Friday, February 7, 2014

2 Flimsys

Last year I took part in the Flower Patch Quilt Along, and got all my flowers done, but recently I saw a niece that I hadn't made quilts for her entire family.  I made 3 quilts for her family, but I saw her this past week-end and offered to fill in the gaps.  The original quilt called for 17 flowers, and it made one quilt.  Since I have about 6 quilts to do, I decided to make one into two.  These are the result, with some obvious fillers. 

I need 3 girl quilts, 2 boy quilts, and maybe one more.   These two are for her daughters and I still need one for her fiance's daughter.  I have one quilt finished that I made for a boy quilt a year or so ago, and another top finished.  Those will take care of her son (my nephew) and her fiance's son.   This past week-end we went to a family bar-b-Que at my nephews and I gave my brother one of the Celtic Solstice quilts, he was 'not' overwhelmed, but it was mostly for warmth, and it does look better than the blanket that was on his bed.   I still have the other, and I'm thinking of giving it to my niece (I gave her a quilt a few years ago).  It has the Gator colors in it that were in the quilt that I recently made for her fiance, so it will blend.  That would just leave her fiance's daughter, and I'm thinking a simple quilt like maybe a strippie.
I'm working away, and will soon have a basting and quilting marathon.  I'll have 5 quilts to do, including my barn quilt.  I'm hoping to finish by mid march, my nieces are supposed to be coming for my granddaughter's baby shower, and I can give them then.  It'll save a good bit of shipping.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Barn Flimsy Done

I got up this morning and assembled my barn quilt.  I've had all the blocks made for quite awhile, but it's been waiting it's turn.  Thank you to Lori Holt for the fun QAL.   Her blog is Bee in my Bonnet.   She says it's 64" by 84", so I'll take her word for it.  Now, to get another top or two done, and then another basting and quilting marathon.   I haven't finished with barns though, I still want to do a few of her silo barns, and a tracter. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

And Bag No. 2



Temple Bag No. 1 Finished

The front.

The back.  Pocket no. 1, zipper pocket.

The front, under the flap.  Pocket 2 and 3 under pocket no 4.

The inside.  Pocket 5, zipper pocket, pocket 6 large pocket on top of zipper pocket, and pockets 7 and 8 on the opposite side. 

Size comparison to a 12 by 18 mat.

Friday, January 24, 2014

RSC Quilt Finish from RSC 2013

I have my third quilt finish for 2014.  It was from the RSC 2013, and is 8 months worth of snowballs and 9 patches.  I made it for a wedding present for a very pleasant server, and I hope she likes it.  The quilting is even more mediocre of a mediocre meandering than usual, as I couldn't see half the time, the thread just didn't show up enough on some of the fabrics, especially the sashing.  All in all though, I think it is pretty if you just don't look too closely. 
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