Monday, March 8, 2021

Catching Up Eleven

I made most of these blocks in 2013 and just finished it.  It’s from a tutorial by Jean Madan and is about 90x100. 

This fabric was so soft and cuddly that I couldn’t stand to throw away the long skinny trimmings, so I sewed them together and made 4 little misshapen pillows for some great grandchildren. 

I just thought this was funny. I used all of my pins on the last baby quilt I did, but when I did my huge lattice quilt, I had these left.  Something wrong with this picture. 

A couple of grocery tote bags from Jess Oklaroots tutorial   

I’m grateful that I have had sewing and quilting to keep myself busy since my husband passed, and since the quarantine.  Becoming a widow is a hard thing, and it has helped a lot. Elaine Adair, another blogger, who lost her husband shortly before I lost mine has also been a sounding board through our emails,  We have had a lot of common ground and have been able to help each other through it. I’m grateful for her, and for my family. In spite of my loss, I’ve had many blessings.  

I almost forgot these. When I got the state flower quilt embroidered dish towels from Etsy, I had almost all of the fabric left. I trimmed them and added snaps, and now have 7 very useful kitchen towels. 


Marie said...

Hello Sweet Friend, Beautiful quilt!!! I have to say along with you that quilting has kept me going, without it I don't know where I would be. Take care and I always enjoy your posts. Many hugs, Marie

Elaine Adair said...

I'm visiting blogs from my Reading List - sur makes things easier this way. Going directly to your blog eliminates your extra work of sending me the photos. I get here frequently.

Check out my blog - I finished a fun crumby block totebag. Also, I survived Blizzard Xylia, but most of neighborhood is still stuck in the house.

Still love the lattice quilt. Stay strong.