Thursday, November 30, 2017

Poor Puppy, Table Runner, Pillowcases

Sunday, our dog Callie decided to run in the kitchen, but slipped and crashed very hard into something.  I was in my sewing room on the computer, and it was awful, she screamed and screamed.  We calmed her down and called our friend, the vet, and he said call in the morning.  This is her getting pampered and ready for the long night.

The next morning we took her for an x-ray, and the poor little girl has 4 broken toes on her back right paw.  No wonder she screamed in pain. She's a little trooper though, in the house she hobbles, but outside she still runs like the wind.  It's going to be hard to hold her down, and we still aren't sure is she will have surgery or if the splint on her leg will be the best treatment.  

Here she is after the vet appointment, feeling much better and resting a bit.  First thing she tried was biting on her splint, so I added the sock as a little extra protection.

My granddaughter-in-law requested a table runner for her new home, and she has a long table.  She decided on about 71 inches long so it doesn't hang over and get pulled on by little hands.

A close-up of the middle.

The back.  I figure it had to have a back, so it might as well be reversible.  

Close up of the back.
I decided to make the kids Christmas pillowcases, they are wild and crazy due to no large pieces of fabric.  All French seams, so took longer than I'd hoped.