Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Slab Quilts

My first Slab Blocks.  I'm hoping to do enough blocks (72) to do 3 lap quilt size quilts 48 x 72, plus possible borders.  Four down, only 68 more to go.  They seem fairly easy and a good way to use up scraps.  Light blue, pink and black are for girl quilts, and the dark blue for a boys quilt.  It's a start.  I was going to try the Butterfly strip quilt from Missouri Star quilt company and tried 3 blocks, but decided I didn't enjoy the process.  This block is more to my liking at this time.  Here is a link to the free pattern: http://www.cherylarkison.com/ and http://www.ctpub.com/cheryl-arkison/
And, there is an excellent tutorial on YouTube by SewVeryEasy, on her channel.
And, another excellent tutorial by Weekend Project, evidently it was a Canada 150th Anniversary Celebration block.
A bargain method to do 3 great-grandbaby big girl and big boy quilts.
Here is one by Crazy Mom Quilts with sashing.  That would cut my blocks needed down to about 36.  http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2013/07/
And, one without sashing by Naptime Quilter, (Cheryl Larkison, the blocks creator)

I'm a ways away from having to make a decision.     Oops, I guess this is the pattern link:


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Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop said...

Thanks for sharing. Slab blocks are so fun to make!