Monday, August 28, 2017

Slab Blocks are 3 Flimsies Now, and Also, Baby Quilt in Planning

I have my three flimsies finished, this is the one for my great-grandson who is almost 8 years old.  He is an avid baseball player.  
This is the center of the quilt for my great-granddaughter who loves Minnie Mouse.  She, my great-granddaughter, not Minnie Mouse, is 3.
Here is her Minnie Mouse flimsy.
Here is the center of my almost 4 year old great-granddaughter's quilt.  Her daddy said she liked Shopkins and kittens.  Kittens were easier to find.  She also wanted her room pink purple, so I tried to have both.
And, the kitten flimsy.
Looks like still a lot of work to come.
The 8 year old and 4 year old have a brand new baby brother, less than a week old, so I have some fabric ordered from Marshall's Dry Goods for a baseball baby quilt.  Newborn appropriate baseball fabrics seemed hard to find.  I'm hoping to fussy cut the bears (hope they are big enough to make approximately 6-8 inch blocks) and sash them with cornerstones.  I seem to be stuck in that rut, but I find cornerstones more pleasant to make than borders.  I am still thinking though, it's possible that I might put it with another alternate block.
This would be for the sashing if I go with my present plan.
And this the cornerstones.  It is actually a mni print.
My mother liked houndstooth, and so do I, so this would be the first border.
This would be the second, larger border.  Or, as an alternate idea if there is enough of the Billy Bear at Bat baseball fabric, I might use it for the larger border.
And this will be the binding, unless I use the Billie Bears for the border, then I might use the swirly fabric above this as the binding.  

I looked for fleece for a backing for the baby quilt, but couldn't find any I liked.  I did like this flannel, so this will be the backing.  The baby shower is September 17th, and I'm hoping to have the 4 of these ready to give at that time.