Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Same but Different - Both Unfortunate

I had these sewn together as one of the smaller size of Celtic Solstice, but I don't really like square quilts, and my color choices made me not want it as a bed quilt, so I took it apart and made it into two lap-sized quilts, they'll finish at about 63 by 82 each. 

My unfortunate substitution of grey for white-creams, made my pattern very very subtle, you have to almost know that it's there.  They're basted now, and being an optimist, I still hope that quilting will improve things a bit.  I still have one more quilt to baste, but I need to get another sheet for a backing (I have twins, but need a full), and after basting these two today, my sore fingers and back need a little rest.   I hope to have 3 finishes in a few days.  Not too bad of a start for 2014, even if my color choices were unfortunate, lol.   I do hope to make this one again, maybe not scrappy, and maybe with the alternate pattern that I've seen others use of turning the chevrons around and making stars.   And lots of contrast.

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Amanda said...

Well, it looks pretty good to me, extremely colourful and cheerful. If I can't see the pattern that I was meant to see there's plenty of other pattern going on. I think whoever receives these will be very happy.