Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Quilt Diet's Temple Bag aka Huge Messenger Bag QAL Flap

Bag flap number one.  I think this is mine since the center isn't matched so well.   Plus, I like purple better than green.

Bag flap number 2.  These are 15 x 18 inches. 

One of the inside flaps, they are both the same.  So far this has been fun, the only thing I'm dreading is the zippered pockets in the batted, heavily pelloned exteriors.  Hopefully, they'll be easier than I'm anticipating, but I know that quilting them I had more thread breakage than I ever have before, that pellon must be a bit of a bear to get through.   I sure hope that my friend likes scrappy.  I think I'm going to send her a picture before I send the actual bag.  If she already has a bag that she likes better, I'm sure I'll find another use for it.  I love scrappy, but I know that there are some who don't. 

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Amanda said...

Perhaps you might be better sewing the zip in by hand? I made some bags a few years ago with heavy outer fabric and wading and managed to break my machine sewing in the zip. Hope you have more luck. They certainly are large bags, pretty though.