Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And Yet Another

Another Afghan and another tote bag.  The Afghan is for my daughter. 
I gave away all my Halloween bags, and didn't have one for me.  Not enough fabric left for another bag, and so I decided to do a fall bag instead.  I didn't want to buy more fabric, so this may not be the best combination, but it is done, it was all from stash and scraps, and it is mine.  I can use it for 2 months too, instead of one.   I will have at least one more bag, when I cut this one out I also cut out a Christmas bag and it is about half finished now.  I've run out of steam though, my husband and I spent about 6 1/2 or 7 hours at the hospital today, he was having fluid removed from around his lung and the prep and waiting after it was over to make sure that everything was ok took awhile.  It's a puzzle why sitting around can make you so weary. 

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Amanda said...

Gosh, you finished that afghan quickly, it only seems like a few days ago that you started it. I hope that Ernie will soon feel a bit better after his treatment. I agree, inactivity is tiring, so is stress. I hope you can have a restful few days.