Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's Going On

Small things amuse small minds.  First I had to get over my wonder that "What's Going On"  could be a question or a statement, the first clue being that there isn't a question mark.  Oh well, it's one of those days.  My grandson, his wife and their two children got in Tuesday evening and so we've been able to spend time with them Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and now they are in Memphis, Tn. visiting her side of the family and taking care of some business.  They'll be back in a week and then will spend a couple of weeks here.  The kids are adorable, we are getting reacquainted with our great-granddaughter, who will be 4 in December and meeting her brother for the first time, who will be 1 this month.
   We also had a beautiful new granddaughter Friday the 4th.  We've only gotten to see her once so far, but I'm sure we will see a lot more of her. 

Not much sewing going on between visiting, home health people for my husband, and doctor appointments, but yesterday I did go to Hobby Lobby and picked up some fabric to make new pillowcases for the small pillows on our bed.  Do you think maybe it's time.  As you can see by the first photo up at the top, mending isn't my best talent. 

This morning I got up and made these 8 pillowcases.  They aren't fancy, just simple little rectangles with French seams and a hemmed top, but I'm so glad to have them.  We use quilts on the bed, and they are all scrappy, so anything goes pretty much.   Yesterday, I must have been in a purple mood.


Chookyblue...... said...

enjoy your family visiitng an also your grand daughter........

andsewon said...

What sweeties they all are! Beautiful families! Enjoy the visiting!