Sunday, September 1, 2013

One Down, One to Go

I got the panel from Hobby Lobby and wanted it to be reversible, what the heck, it doesn't take any more fabric and after a month or two, I can flip it and go another month.  I used the trees from Deck-ade the Halls.  I promise, it's not straight, but it's not as crooked as it looks.  Hobby Lobby had the panel puffy and with the flower and crows glued on like floppy appliques, but I opted to just do it like a little quilt, and I will use the clips from Ikea to hang it on small nails. 

And the quilt is basted, so should be finished in a day or two, with any luck.   My husband's health hasn't been the best, so everything is on stand-by. 


Julierose said...

that Harvest Panel is just adorable--love it Julierose

Amanda said...

I'd love to see your house when it's decorated for autumn and then Christmas. I'm so sorry to hear that Ernie is under the weather again, fingers crossed for some improvement soon.