Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags for Grandkid and Great-Grandkids

After I made my Halloween quilt I had some fabric left.  I was watching Youtube and saw the Missouri quilt company video about 3 tote bags from one charm pack, dangerous thing.  I thought, I can make some of those for the  great grandkids and it'll be fun, because they'll be here for Halloween when they come visit from Germany.   I can't make them for them, and not make one for the two local ones, and I need to make one for the one who lives a couple hours away, but who we almost never get to see.  Ok, still manageable, that'll be five.   I was a little short of fabric (isn't that always the way) so I got some of the sparkly owl fabric.  It was so cute that I decided to rearrange what I had already done, and that left a good sized piece of the owl fabric left over.   This is the first one, it'll be for my great-granddaughter who lives a couple hours away and it'll need to be mailed.  I wanted to get things going early so they can have them to tote things around in in October and not just for the one evening. 

The inside of the first totebag.  I've since added a bit of velcro to the top, hopefully it'll prevent accidental spillage.

I got to thinking again (oh no).  I thought I have enough of that cute sparkly owl fabric for maybe 4 more totebags.   I went to the store and got some polka dot Halloween fabric to go with it, and some fabric that I thought would look good for a lining (the red, white, gray, and black) and on the way home thought maybe I need five not four.  Ok, I'll see if I can make it stretch.  I did, and then I thought that I probably need 1 more.  It'll mean another trip to the store for a couple of small pieces, and that will be the absolute last.  So now, I have 10 more bags to make, good thing my daughter is going to help me.  The last 6 will have a pocket, so they'll be a little more time consuming, but I'm going to try to get a bunch of batting pieced (trying to use up some of my long skinny strips) and put together the outside layer and get them quilted, and then when my daughter comes we should be able to finish them up in a night or two.   It's not easy being a grandma, or a great-grandma, lol.

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~Niki~ said...

love these. do you have the link to the pattern?