Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Ok to Look Now

It occurred to me that regular readers of my blog may have had the urge lately to come over and smack me.  I was afraid that one more bow tie might have done it.  So, I decided to work a little on my Roll Roll Cotton Boll Nbr. 2.  These are my first 4 string blocks, only 26 more to go, somehow that doesn't sound nearly as scary as 56 more to go, lol.  I got the idea of using the blues from another blogger, right now I'm having a senior moment, but when I remember the blog I'll give credit to my inspiration. 

These will be the colors of my RRCB 2.  The pinks and browns will still be there, and the strings will be light blues.  The dark blues will be for the 300 tiny half square triangles and some of the blocks themselves.  Not sure exactly how much will be blue.  I'm anxious to see how it all looks together.   Now, back to my bow ties maybe, last time I sidetracked to my RRCB I ended up finishing it.  I figure either way, I will have a finish for August, as the baby is due anyday and the baby quilt is ready to go just needs the date for the label.  Have a nice weekend.

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