Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bright Colors for a 'Happy' Change

I wish that I had gotten these fabrics at the beginning of the 36 patch.   Connecting Threads had two of their fat eighth sampler packs on sale for less than nine dollars, with 21 different fabrics in each one.  Each set of two fat eighths is enough for one block, plus a nice little strip about 3 inches of each left over.  I thought that these nice bright colors would be just right to add a little 'happy' to my 36 patch blocks.   I also decided that I'm going to add sashing and borders to my bow ties and make them into two quilts.  I've had a mother-daughter duo in mind for quite a while to make quilts for, and I think they would be just right.   It seems the quilting wheels are always turning, either that or as I had mentioned last post, I'm wishy washy.


Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like the creativity is flowing in your sewing room!

Amanda said...

What cheerful colours. I imagine that doing that many blocks would mean that you'd become quite an expert. Whenever I've tried something like that my squares don't end up square and my seams give up trying to match!

Ellen said...

Busy, busy. Very often I can't seem to make up my mind either.