Sunday, April 10, 2011

Granddaughter's First Sewing Project

Last night was the first time that this young lady had touched a sewing machine, and she wasn't too comfy with the idea.  My DD and I reassured her that if you were careful it was safe, and took out the thread.  She started out sewing on notebook paper and the first page was not straight, but pretty darn good for the first attempt.  After about 6 or 7 rows she went on to another sheet and did every single row of the notebook paper, and each line was almost perfectly straight.  When we felt comfortable leaving her in the next room we went to visit with others and we could hear her going top speed.  We were very surprised with how well she did, she is a talented little girl, but she surpassed our expectations.  Today DH and I went over this afternoon and DD had helped her with some real sewing, they were up to the point of sewing on the casing and it looked really nice.  We helped her finish it up and she did 99 percent herself.  Isn't she amazing!

She is a dancer and is going to competition in Ohio.  This is the first and smallest of a 3 bag kit that she received for Christmas and they will come in very handy in her luggage when she travels.  It's a little soon to see if she will like sewing enough to really get into it, but if she does I can see some costumes made by herself in her future.  She will be eight soon.

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Kay said...

Aha... another generation of sewing crafters. I was so relieved when my daughter learned to sew and even surpassed my meager abilities. I hope my granddaughter will be as much of a quick learner as yours.