Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to the Paintbox

My goal for April is either to finish at least one oh Fransson Paintbox Quilt Along quilt, or at least one Gator Quilt.   The original Quilt along was for 80 blocks but I decided to do 2 lap quilts so even though I had 84 blocks, according to my calculations I need 24 more.  Here are the first 10 of the 24 blocks.   These are also excellent for doing leaders and enders as you go, so I'm off to cut more 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 squares.  I cut a bunch last night, but these 10 blocks have used them up.  I'm sure that it could be figured out how to do assembly line sewing, but I haven't done that so it's do one seam on the paintbox, and then do a leader and ender, and so on and so on.  Not too efficient, but I'll have lots more leaders and enders, lol. 


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Amy said...'s so ironic that you post your Paintbox!!! I've been thinking about doing another one with a homemade set of 2.5" strips I made up a few months back.

Love that rich copper/brown/red block (hard to depict the exact color)