Monday, December 21, 2009


Yeah, I have my Google Reader down to 999 unread posts. My brothers will be here to visit any minute, and will leave tomorrow afternoon, so it will be back up over 1000, but at least for a short while I am below 1000.

Gratuitous baby picture:


Stacey said...

Is that baby precious or what? I love your posts on Bonnie's mystery. I haven't started my yet, but I will.

Happy Quilting.
Driving Miss Stacey
Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop

Marie said...

Oh Cndace, she is so beautiful, what a lucky little one to have you in her life. Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully we will meet at Ikea in January. Hugs, Marie

Gina said...

So cute

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Susan in SC said...

What a beautiful great grand you have there!!

Amy said...

LOL! I know this post is a little older, but from the sounds of it, it may be awhile before you read this comment anyway?? 1000 posts to catch up on; that's a bit INSANE! :0)